Ana Pizarro

Ana Pizarro

Photographer & Model – Madrid, Spain

Ana Pizarro was a total breath of fresh air when we caught up with her in her hometown of Madrid. A dynamite combo of spunk, charisma, and personal acceptance, she’s exactly the type of presence we aim to surround ourselves with. To top it off, Ana’s unique idea of self-expression left us wanting more and more.

From being a force to be reckoned with in front of the camera, creating a curated collection of powerful and artistic imagery, to being a total natural behind the camera fostering sincere connections with her clients, Ana shares that having abilities on both ends of the lens is a complementary bond. “I really like moments of play with the camera. It allows me to get to know myself better, be more with myself. It helps me to have no shame and love myself more. I feel very empowered.” We so appreciate this mindset. This girl is magic in so many more ways than one.

Ana also shared with us her journey to self-love and acceptance, saying that the turning point was at eighteen years old when leaving her high school life behind. While doing so, she also moved on from the people who felt they had the right to comment negatively on her appearance and move forward to focusing on accepting herself for who she is. “The conception of oneself cannot depend on the opinion of others.” BRB just jotting this down on our mirror.

“The conception of oneself cannot depend on the opinion of others.”

 Tattoos often hold a meaning that extends beyond their aesthetic. When we asked Ana about hers, she told us how the word written on her body depicts one of her deepest fears. Gorda is the Spanish word fat woman. Tattooing this on her body inside of a heart was Ana’s way of combating hurtful words with love. “It’s a word that is so simple but has so much depth and meaning to me. It hindered me of my true self. It reminds me of the fight. A word is just a word, the only thing that changes is the way you interpret it.”

“A word is just a word, the only thing that changes is the way you interpret it.”

 Ana showed us that it’s OK to be different, to be quirky, to be confident and love yourself for exactly who you are. Create your own style and forget about following any rules because “being yourself is the best style you can have.” Thank you, Ana. You will always be part of our Self Love Club. Nós te amamos.

 For more on Ana Pizarro and to see some of her work, follow her personal Instagram @analapizarro and photography Instagram @anapizarrostudio

Photos by Brian Van Wyk