Meet Halseene – Modern wedding wear options for curvy brides.

We’re here to say this: the female population is made up of ALL shapes and sizes, so why on earth are only a portion of us represented by clothing companies? We founded Halseene based on the notion that every person should feel beautiful, comfortable, and supported on their wedding day. We’re unapologetic in our approach to changing the industry’s standards and creating a place of community. Halseene aims to be more than a brand, but also a voice for body positivity and size inclusivity. Want to join the club? Congrats babe - you’re already in! ;)

We prioritize style, fit, and quality so you don’t have to sacrifice any of the important things. We know that there’s no universal mould, so we worked with a range of real curve women to develop gowns that keep your assets secured + supported.

We’re a by-women, for-women company, and we do it all under one roof in Vancouver, Canada – including design, manufacturing, and marketing. While we’d like to eventually encompass all sizes, we’re currently focusing on the segment of the market that is grossly underrepresented in our industry. Our mission is simple: to empower all women to feel like they have the options needed in order to be their bold + badass self on their wedding day.