Where are Halseene dresses made?
We design and make all of our dresses to-order in our Vancouver, Canada, Garment Studio.

How long does it take for a dress to be made?
Our standard timeline from point of order to receiving your dress is 4-5 months. 

Are you able to accommodate rush orders?
Halll yes! We can accommodate a rush orders under a month. Just email info@halseene.com for more info on available order times and applicable fees.

What is your size range?
While our end game is total size inclusivity, we’re starting off focusing on Sizes 14-40. 

How do I know what size I am?
DIY? Follow this diagram. Or visit your nearest tailor and ask to get measured! Either way, you need three measurements: Bust, Waist, and Hip. After that, match up your measurements with our size chart and get the largest size to be safe. Alterations should get her nice and snug to all your lovely lady lumps.

What should I do if I plan on losing weight or am pregnant?
We’d recommend paying a visit to your closest retailer so you have a professional opinion on what size to order. If you’re ordering online, let’s chat it out over email (info@halseene.com)!

Where can I try on a Halseene dress before purchasing?
Check out our Retailers page to find the store nearest you! (Patience appreciated while we work our butts off to fill the world with Halseene). If you’re getting impatient, a trip to visit us in Vancouver is ALWAYS welcome. 

Will a retailer have my size in-store?
To find out what styles and sizes are carried in-store, it is best to contact your nearest retailer directly before booking an appointment!

How do I care for my dress post-wedding?
TBH, our go-to is not the dry cleaners. Not only are these facilities terrible for the ultimate mama (earth), but their solvents can damage your gown’s structure and all its pretty little details. Instead, we’d recommend doing a spot clean using a homemade solution of oxygen-based stain remover and water. For tips, tricks, and Qs- email info@halseene.com.